Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gorgeous Bags for Under $100

So, are there any ladies out there who don't love bags? I would venture a guess to say there are very few of us who don't! I know that they are one of my absolute favorite fashion accessories that I just couldn't live without. A good thing about bags, too, is that there are now great looking ones for a lower price tag and who wouldn't appreciate that? So, here are some great bags for fall for under $100. I hope you like them!!

Find these at the following online stores: or

Target $49

Target $24.99
Steve Madden $78
Handbag Heaven $54
Accessory Bug $33.99
Accessory Bug $56.99
Accessory Bug $55.99
Accessory Bug $57.99
Accessory Bug $51.99
Accessory Bug $36.99


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