Saturday, September 27, 2008

Essentials for Gorgeous Hair!

Jessica Simpson is known for her gorgeous hair, short or long!

A beautiful hair cut or style can make any woman feel better about herself. I couldn't tell you how often that a change in my hair made me feel better about myself and lifted my spirits. A Certain hairstyle can bring out a certain aspect of your personality or help you bring out your sexy side or your more sophisticated side.

Ahhh, the power of hair! Here are some "Hair Essentials" that all ladies should own!

1) A Good Hairbrush: Maybe with Boar Bristles.
2) Round Brush: Used while blow drying.
3) Comb: Preferably wide toothed, good for combing out wet hair, without causing any breakage.
4) Flat Iron: Best if it has ceramic plates.
5) Curling Iron: Probably best if it's about a 1 inch rod.
6) Shine Serum: To Add Shine and help protect against frizz.
7) Dry Shampoo: To freshen Hair between washing.
8) Hairspray: To Keep styles in their place!
9) Shampoo: That is suited to your specific hair type, choose a quality product.
10) Conditioner: Again, choose a quality product that is aimed at your hair type.
11) Clarifying Shampoo: To remove product buildup every two weeks.
12) Hair Dryer: A High quality one is great, with a hot and cool setting.


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