Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty Habits to Get Into

Hello again, girls! I know we all have our own personal little beauty habits, techniques, and routines. But there are a few things that every woman should have in their list of can't-do-without beauty habits. You'd be surprised the difference a little addition can make! Here are a few of those things on that list!

1) Keep Nails in nice shape, whether you manicure them yourself at home, or get them professionally done, chipped nails can distract from even the most beautiful outfit.

2) Get your eyebrows shaped and keep them up. If you have to have them professionally shaped, you can keep them up yourself at home by plucking stray hairs.

3) Wax any facial hair that is visible, especially upper lip hair.

4) Keep your skin nicely exfoliated. This can really improve the look and feel of your skin and can also help your skin care products work faster and better. I usually exfoliate twice a week with a gentle face scrub.

5) Keep your lips well moisturized and free from any flaky dryness. Flaky, cracked lips can ruin the look of an amazing lip color.

6) Get your hair trimmed every six weeks to keep hair looking healthy and split end free!

If you don't do some of these things now, you might want to try and start because it'll not only help you look your best, but it'll help you feel you very best too!


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