Monday, August 25, 2008

Tutorial: Eyes- Green and Gold Look

Now, obviously this is not an everyday kind of look....unless you live in Vegas;-) I hope you guys like this look. Play around with it, try it yourself, have a little fun with it! It'd be a cute look for a night at a club or something like that. You can also use different colors if greens and golds aren't your style. Let me know what you think and enjoy!

I did this look in about 15 minutes before going to bed. I suggest you take your time and have alot of fun with trying it out:-)Unfortunately, the green did not show up on camera as well as I would've liked it too, but you get the idea.

Finished look:


A list of Products I used for Eyes:

Smashbox- Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer
Too Faced- Eyeshadow Base
Bare Minerals- True Gold Eyeshadow
Bare Minerals- Peacock Eyeshadow
Bare Minerals- Black Emerald Eyeshadow
L'oreal- HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Cream Eyeliner in Black
Smashbox- Mascara in Black

Let's Begin!

Step one: Make sure to start with a nice, clean face and moisturize the eye area. Use concealer for under eye circles. Put an eyeshadow base all over lid and up to brow bone.

Step Two: Put True Gold into the containers lid. Wet a medium-large size eyeshadow brush with water and dip it into the pigment. (This technique is called "foiling") Blend the wet shadow all over eye lid all the way up to the brow. (Using foiling with Bare Minerals shadows helps the color appear more brilliant and also helps prevent dreaded fall out! I find Bare Minerals has alot of fall out:-/ )

Step Three: Using a medium size eyeshadow brush, dip it into the dry Peacock eyeshadow (making sure to tap off the excess shadow) and pat that on the lid, staying on the outer 2/3 of the eyelid and blending lightly upward into the eye's crease.

Step Four: Using a small sized eyeshadow brush, dip into dry Black Emerald shadow (once again, amking sure to tap off the excess shadow.) Now put that right into the outter V of the eye and blen it in towards to middle of the eye and the crease. We don't want any harsh lines so blend well!
In this photo, step four was done the right side (my left eye) and not the left side to show you the difference.

Step Five: Now, using a thin, stiff angled eyeliner brush, dip it into the HIP eyeliner and line along the top lash line, winging it out slightly past the eye's edge and aimed a little upward. Line the lower lash line and water line and use a q-tip to gently smudge the lower line. (I wear contacts and didn't have a problem using the HIP liner on my water line, but if you have sensitive eyes you may want to skip that step.)

Step Six: Add mascara and you're finished! I just used mascara on my top lashes since the look is so bold I don't think you need any on the lower. If you had a problem with fall out, dip a q-tip in makeup remover and clean up any little bits there.

For the rest of the face, go ahead and go very light and natural since your eyes are the obvious focal point in this look. I used Too Faced Beauty Balm in grapefruit for my lips and Bare Minerals Clear Radiance for my cheeks.


Linda said...

I love that eyes of yours, and looks like a tiger makeup. Something refreshing to looks for and your tutorial helps me to learn more about make up. Been into cosmetics classes for a week now and still learning the basic.

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