Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tips to Plump Your Pout!

These days, there are alot of products on the market that are supposed to plump your lips. I've tested some of these and found that some really do work! The down side is they can sting and be pretty sticky. (Actually, the majority of lip plumpers on the market actually work by irritating the lips to bring blood closer to the surface, creating fullness.) So for those of you who don't like these plumping products, here are some other tips to make your lips appear fuller!

1. Skip matte lipsticks all together. They can look dull and make your lips appear thinner.

2. Applying a bit of highlighting powder on the cupids bow of the upper lip and on the edge of the lower lip can draw light there and make your lips look fuller.

3. You can use lip liner to create a slightly fuller lip line. Make sure to use a liner that's as close to your natural lip color as possible.

4. Use light, shimmery lipsticks or glosses as it brings light to your lips.

5. Using a tiny bit of brown powder under the center of the lower lip (Just below the lip line) creates the optical illusion of fullness.

6. Try to avoid anything that's too dark if you have very thin lips. It'll just make them look smaller. (This is just for those with very thin lips, though)

7. A dot of gloss on the middle of the bottom lip can provide a fuller look to your pout as well.

8. Last but not least....EXFOLIATE!! This will make your lips smooth and help hold whatever color you put on it longer! Get a soft bristled tooth brush to use for your lips.

So try some of these tips out if your looking for a fuller pout! I hope they help!


The Beauty Detective said...

Great tips! You've been mentioned as a beauty maven by The Beauty Detective :)

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