Saturday, August 16, 2008

Plastic Surgery- A Do...or the Ultimate Don't?

My views on plastic surgery are more sympathetic than harsh or cruel. I think it's unfortunate that in today's society, it seems even though there's so much pressure to be beautiful and as close to perfect as possible, if someone takes the steps to get closer to this, they often get attacked by media or people reading magazines for getting botox, lip injections-whatever.

My honest opinion on the matter is-I think most people look alot better before they get surgery. I mean, people are supposed to be unique. A little bump in someone's nose can make that person memorable and adorable. The whole female population doesn't have to have large boobs. Some clothes look alot better on small busted women. Everyone is unique and I think we should cling to that, instead of trying to surgerically remove our uniqueness.

At the same time, alot of people who do end up having plastic surgery did so because they were picked on, teased, or harassed for having what some people would consider a physical flaw. Are we going to tear them down and berate them further when they try to fix that percieved "Flaw"? I think that's unthoughtful and frankly, sad. If people were kinder and didn't constantly pick at people's appearances, there probably never would've been the desire for cosmetic surgery. Everyone has a beauty and a uniqueness that can't be touched by others-wether or not you're surgically enhanced.

How about you guys? What are your opinions?


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