Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

The perfect hairstyle can be a pretty elusive thing for a lot of us. What really does flatter are specific face shape? Well, for those of you who haven't found that perfect style yet, here are some tips to help you out!

Oval Face Shapes: You lucky ladies with oval faces can pick and choose from just about any style under the sun! Long, Medium, or short styles. Bangs or no bangs-One length or layers. So many options so be daring! Try them all if you're really brave!

Long Faces: Chin length bobs or cuts are perfect for those with long faces. Wide cut bangs can add width to your face so you might want to try those out. Avoid anything with short layers near the top of your head as it will just visually increase length. Also steer clear of long, one length cuts for the same reason-it'll add to the length of your face.

Round Faces: Height and Volume at the crown will help elongate round faces. Long hair really suits round shapes as well, as do layers along the sides of the face. Try tapered ends instead of all one length cuts.

Square Faces: Long, straight styles look fabulous on square faces. For those with curly locks, get layers to lessen the volume along the sides of the face. Avoid chin length cuts and any blunt bangs. Soft layers and big curls look great as well:-)

Heart Shaped Faces: Side swept bangs look great on heart shaped faces. Subtle, long layers and creating volume at the crown can be very flattering. Graduated layers can visually add width to the jawline.
Avoid: Choppy layers and Center Parts( they can draw the eye to a pointed chin).

Well, there you go, those are my tips. I hope they help and I hope you find a fabulous cut/style that you love!!

Good Luck!


lovestoned said...

Wow, interesting blog you have here. Everybody knows that a girl can never run out of beauty tips. ;P

I have a heart-shaped face but I've always felt really jealous of those people who could pull off the cute little pixie cuts. Oh well. ):

I found your blog on bloggerforum btw. =] I think you have something great going on here.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Courtney (www.somedayillappreciateinvalue.blogspot.com)
Thanks for the nice comment! So far people haven't really been paying attention to my pleads for comments and views. I've been posting on Teen Vogue to come see my blog, but no one really does. =[
haha well i like your blog. and i commented on this post about face shapes because i have no clue what mine is. people tell me i have a "oval-ish forehead, square-ish jaw, and a pointy-ish chin". AH! ha =P

well that was a SUPER long comment so keep in touch!! <3

Anonymous said...

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