Friday, August 29, 2008

Build an Emergency Fashion Kit

It's a good idea to have a ready made kit for fashion fixes on the go. We all know sometimes fashion emergencies can happen and wouldn't it be great to always be prepared for them? Here are some tips to build a perfect Fashion Fix-it Kit. I might add more to this later on, but hopefully it gives you some ideas on how to build your own.

1. Mini-sewing kit
-To fix popped buttons or loose hem.

2. Double Sided Tape
-A must have for low necklines (Also good for fixing loose hems)

3. Travel sized hairspray

4. Spare panty hose


7. Tampons (Always a good idea)

8. Clear Nail Polish (To fix runs in panty hose)

9. Hair Accessories (Ponytail holders, bobby pins, etc)

10. Baby Wipes (To fix makeup smudges or refresh your face after a long flight or car ride)

11. A sweater or a pretty wrap

12. A cute, comfortable pair of flats (When you absolutely can not stand the heels any longer)

13. An extra pair of underwear.

14. $10-20

15. Bandaids

I hope these give you a good idea in what to put in your Fashion Quick fix Kit. If you guys have any other ideas that would be helpful, go ahead and leave a comment!


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